Missed Opportunity

Ren 2

I was in downtown Manchester yesterday with my wife, trying to find a good dining venue for some older relatives, within easy reach of Victoria Railway Station. Not easy right now, as the area is a building site. Moving further afield a brilliant idea came into my head. The Renaissance Hotel, as featured in the Detective Fiction Novel, Tangled Roots, (available on Amazon). As In keeping with the Gent, the sleuth in the novel, we ordered Bombay Sapphire Gin and Tonic. The bubbly girl brought them over and asked.

‘What is your room number sir?’

‘We’re not guests,’ I answered.

‘Oh! Are you our owners?’ she then asked.

‘No, but thanks for the compliment,’ I answered honestly.

Damn….. I should have said I’ll have the filet steak with a bottle of, and………………………………

Tangled Roots available now on Amazon, more at https://trevorburt.wordpress.com

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