SunriseStorm Callum in UK, So glad to be, in Luz, Western Algarve Portugal. It’s 17th October, having breakfast on the terrace, sat in warm sunshine, under a cloudless sky. Checking out the horizon was that a Dolphin? Not sure. Back to the main job then, was it five or six small fishing boats just off the coast………………
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A sad and lonely wordsmith, sat down to write one day
He wrote an O and then he puffed upon his pipe of clay
He wrote an N and then he puffed, upon his pipe some more
He sat and toiled for quite some time, as hail beat down the door.

The hours passed and he laboured on, bereft of inspiration
Day passed to night, his pencil a sword, under candle and moonlight
His eyes grew weary, his head did fall, onto the table hard
His pencil it was broken into two quite separate halves

Time to end his labour now, for ‘twas end of the line
He mopped his brow, gazed out once more, to see the stars so bright
Looking down to his writing pad, he cast a wry old smile
His accomplishment on this sad old day read ‘Once upon a time’

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A Manchester Mystery Thriller

Troubled Waters cover Kindle (675x1024)

A Manchester Mystery Thriller
Shortly after 9 p.m. a young woman left the River Bar of the Lowry Hotel, Salford Manchester. She paused, as her mobile phone rang. It was to be the last time it would ever ring. She was dragged backwards the few feet towards the river Irwell. It was an easy task for a strong man to lift the petite girl onto the low railings and heave her into the murky waters below. The Gent investigates.



Irwell Upstream

The book TROUBLED WATERS, is set in Manchester. The Gent is the super sleuth again. One plot in the story is FRACKING which of course is highly topical again now. Some time ago the Guardian newspaper, featured Hollywood movie star Mark Ruffalo on video advising the then Prime Minister David Cameron against further development. This pic, is looking upstream of the river IRWELL in the centre of MANCHESTER . LEARN MORE


Sleeping by the Tagus at the Altis Belém — Salt of Portugal

It is so wonderful to wake up in the Altis Belém hotel and see that the Tagus river is waking up too, still dressed in the same colors as the sky, flowing lazily towards the sea. We get a glimpse of the Belém tower getting ready for the visitors that come see her. And we […]

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Been back in Algarve a few days now, a relief from the storms of the UK. One o’clock today and a tourist boat was static only a few yards off shore, with a smaller boat hovering alongside. Not wishing to put down my glass of chilled white wine, but curious nevertheless, I picked up my binoculars for a look see. Around the front of the boats, quite clearly in sight was a playful pod of Dolphins, a magnificent spectacle. I sat and watched for a quarter of an hour before they moved on. Alas the wine had gone warm.
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