Irwell Upstream

The book TROUBLED WATERS, is set in Manchester. The Gent is the super sleuth again. One plot in the story is FRACKING which of course is highly topical again now. Some time ago the Guardian newspaper, featured Hollywood movie star Mark Ruffalo on video advising the then Prime Minister David Cameron against further development. This pic, is looking upstream of the river IRWELL in the centre of MANCHESTER . LEARN MORE


Repentina — Salt of Portugal

Several people recommended that we try Repentina, a humble tasca in Poiares famous for its baby goat roasted in a wood-fired oven. Its name is a twist on the word “repente” which means in a flash. We first visited the restaurant last year. When the waiter brought the menu, we said we didn’t need it, […]

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HERON GONE FISHING. A Heron standing in a few inches of water in the bottom of the Shropshire Union canal at Middlewich, Cheshire. The canal suffered a serious breach in March 2018, leaving 20 boats stranded.
Middlewich breach caused by lock paddles left open. The canal breach wasn’t caused by an embankment collapse but by a ‘tsunami’ of up to 3 million gallons of water sweeping down from the lock above – where all four paddles had been left open.
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LEAVING ON A JET PLANE. It’s 7th November 2018. The sky is clear and the Atlantic Ocean is Azure blue. It is hot and I’m, looking out over the beautiful Bay of Light (Praia da Luz), Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal. Next job is to print boarding passes because, sadly, I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. John Denver.
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Mercearia Prado — Salt of Portugal

António Galapito, the chef of Prado, a new restaurant in Lisbon, had a problem. Despite his large ensemble of proficient waiters, service was at times slow. The reason was that customers asked many questions about the provenance of the ingredients used in the restaurant. Galapito took an unusual step to solve this problem: he opened […]

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