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There is a splendid train that travels from Oporto to Pinhão. Its creaky carriages are quite modest but they have windows that offer sumptuous views of the Douro valley. The train leaves the station at a lazy pace but then it speeds up, hoping to impress the Douro river with the power of its engines. […]

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ACX Tangled Roots JT

Read by Jonathan Trueman.
Following news of the death of his Aunt, Brad Johnson, an American, travels to Manchester UK, researching his roots. Whilst visiting an Art Gallery he suffers a heart attack. Forensic tests are not conclusive with natural causes. The Gent investigates the complex labyrinth of Brad’s family history. What does this have to do with the murder of prostitutes?
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The wide waters of the Tagus River are an integral part of Lisbon’s identity and history. As well as reflecting the kind of light that inspires poetry, the river brings the city boats of all sizes carrying fish, workers, tourists and shipping containers from distant shores. Intrepid navigators once setRead More → The post Best…

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Pork and Clams

We asked Dália Soromenho, the chef/owner of Porto Santana in Alcácer do Sal, what alchemy made her pork and clams so magical. “I don’t give out my recipes,” she said sternly. “But I have to confess that I taught the recipe to Jamie Oliver when he came to the restaurant,” she continued with pride. “That […]

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Pure beer

Lunchtime in Lazuli my favourite bar in Praia da luz and we order two large beers. The waiter who looks like a young Art Garfunkel duly obliges. Thirsty, I take a big slug and it tastes different. I ask herself and she says, “yes, it´s sweeter.” We look at each other and glance at Garfunkel, who is kind of knowing. When he walks by I ask him “have you changed the beer only it is sweeter. “oh dear I know what I´ve done the table over there ordered two pints of shandy, I´ll replace these straight away. In a trice he´s back. “Two pints of PURE BEER” he says plonking two full glasses on the table. I´m not going to tell them! he adds.” Walking away. RESULT   Learn more


In 1418, on All Saints’ Day, Portuguese navigators discovered the island of Porto Santo off the coast of Africa. After more exploration, they realized that Porto Santo is part of a lush subtropical archipelago. The largest island in the archipelago was covered by dense forests so the sailors named it “ilha da Madeira,” the wooded […]

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Played Golf today at Penina, near Portimao, Algarve, Portugal. Very hot. This is the place where the Beatles stayed for a few days in 1968. Paul McCartney wrote a song called Penina and gave it away to Jotta Herre, the house band. It was also recorded by Carlos Mendes. They had a bit of a hit with it, you can find it on Youtube. The golf well!  Learn more