Sunday lunch, with friends at the renowned Fortaleza restaurant, Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve. JusRt ordered a bottle of chilled Planalto white wine, to go with lunch of fresh grilled fish. Its 30 degrees, and the azure-blue Atlantic Ocean is calm, with only a couple of sailing boats drifting along. The Fortaleza is an historic site, from Roman times, rebuilt in 1670, after an earthquake. Richard the Lionheart is reputed to have stopped off here on his way to the crusades. JAZZ & BLUES. Not for Richard!
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A belly full of fish — Salt of Portugal

Right on the Lagos harbor there’s an old shack that houses a restaurant called A Barrigada (a full belly). It is a simple place that serves grilled fish, cataplanas and other seafood delights. Outside the restaurant, you see the fish nets and octopus traps used by some of the fishermen that supply the restaurant. The […]

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Love is in the Hair. Sign in the Kutting Room hairdressers, Luz, Lagos, Algarve. My haircut doesn´t look anything like that, but hair today gone tomorrow. It´s summertime, and the sun is shining, so maybe really, Love is in the Hair.
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Pure beer

Lunchtime in Lazuli my favourite bar in Praia da luz and we order two large beers. The waiter who looks like a young Art Garfunkel duly obliges. Thirsty, I take a big slug and it tastes different. I ask herself and she says, “yes, it´s sweeter.” We look at each other and glance at Garfunkel, who is kind of knowing. When he walks by I ask him “have you changed the beer only it is sweeter. “oh dear I know what I´ve done the table over there ordered two pints of shandy, I´ll replace these straight away. In a trice he´s back. “Two pints of PURE BEER” he says plonking two full glasses on the table. I´m not going to tell them! he adds.” Walking away. RESULT   Learn more