A great beginning — Salt of Portugal

Beginnings are hard. We don’t know how to pen the first sentences of a novel, compose the introduction of a sonata, or craft the opening scene of a play. But we do know an elegant way to start a dinner party. Get a bottle of Taylor Chip Dry port and chill it in the fridge. […]  Looking for a Mystery Thriller Amazon UK  Amazon US

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Legendary moments at Quinta da Boavista — Salt of Portugal

Some quintas in the Douro valley experienced one legendary moment. But Quinta da Boavista had two. The first came in May 1809 when Joseph James Forrester rented the quinta to work on his masterpiece, a detailed map of the Douro river. This map quickly became an indispensable reference for port-wine makers. It also made Forrester […]

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Port Wine

Port wine used to be sold in austere black bottles with somber labels. Adriano Ramos Pinto, a maverick entrepreneur who entered the port wine trade in 1880, changed all that, selling port wine wrapped in sensuous images and elegant packaging. One of Ramos Pinto’s publicity coups took place in 1922. Two pilots, Gago Coutinho and Sacadura […]

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