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Following news of the death of his Aunt, Brad Johnson, an American, travels to Manchester England, researching his ancestral roots. Whilst visiting an Art Gallery he suffers a heart attack. Forensic tests are not conclusive with natural causes. Brad receives death threats. Chief Inspector Bill Lambert suspects foul play. Finding no firm evidence he consults the Gent to investigate Brad’s family history. What does this have to do with the murders of prostitutes in Chorlton Street Coach Station?
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Julie Dawn Fox In Portugal Is Voted Portugal’s Best Travel Blog — Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my blog would be chosen by the public as the overall Best Travel Blog in the 2018 BTL Blogger Travel Awards. But thanks to you, that’s what happened. Having been nominated for the “Best Blog Promoting Portugal In A Foreign Language”Read More → The post Julie…

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Countdown to Terror £0.99 US$0.99

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Countdown to Terror £0.99 US$0.99
In 2012, against the backdrop of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games a group of young men are being prepared to form an Islamist terrorist cell. On a break to the British Museum London, a plea for help from a young woman, embroils the Gent in their terrorist plot. A frantic search in London ensues, to discover the terrorist’s hideout and what the target is.
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